Monday, May 28, 2012

It's in the bag...

Who knew those lunch sacks we used as kids could become cute works of art perfect for showcasing some pictures from an event? They are so versatile they could be used for a gift, to show-off photos from your latest vacation or even to show to fill with sentiments and pictures to show a friend or loved one just how much you care!

Here's how to make your own paper bag album:
Start with 3 regular sized lunch sacks and lay them out so that they alternate tops - first top one way then the other and then back to the first way:

Then, stack the bags on top of each other keeping the back and forth pattern. Fold them in half and staple down the folded side:

Then you are ready to decorate your pages as you would like.

This is the paper bag album I made using the Dotty for You papers.

 The "F   U  N" tabs along the side are pull tabs for the tags that are inserted into the openings of the bags. You can add ribbons, buttons, stickers, whatever you want to dress up your album. You can even use more than just three bags to make your album. The sky's the limit!

Hope you have had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!

Happy crafting!!

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